Marikina Everlasting

Everlasting made of ground pork, hotdogs, pineapple tidbits, and cheese. Delicious as it is festive, this Marikina-style steamed meatloaf is perfect for fiestas, holidays, and special occasions.

Four days to Christmas Eve! If you’re looking for an easy Noche Buena dish that’s sure to impress, Marikina’s everlasting is your answer. This Filipino-style steamed meatloaf is simple to make yet turns out so festive and full-on flavor.  You’d be the hostess with the mostest with hardly any effort!

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Difference Between Everlasting and Lucban Hardinera

Although these two regional delicacies share mostly similar ingredients and are both traditionally steamed in oval-shaped tin molds (llaneras), there a few differences that make each one truly special.

  • Hardinera-a Lucban, Quezon specialty made of diced pork. Pork roast is cut into large chunks and simmered in ketchup and seasonings until tender. The meat is then chopped into pieces, and briefly cooked with luncheon meat, bell peppers, pineapple tidbits, sweet pickle relish, raisins, and cheese. The mixture transferred in llaneras, covered with beaten eggs, and then steamed with boiled egg and vegetable garnishings.
  • Everlasting-this Marikina meatloaf is made of ground pork. The meat is cooked in tomato sauce along with sliced hotdogs, crushed pineapple, sweet pickle relish, bell peppers, carrots, raisins, and cheese. After cooling, beaten eggs are stirred in as binder and the mixture is then steamed in llaneras with boiled egg and vegetable garnishings.

Tips on How to Make Filipino Meatloaf in Can

  • Not a fan of pork? Substitute with ground beef or chicken.
  • I used hotdogs in the recipe, but Chorizo de Bilbao, ham, or luncheon meat are also great ways to extend the dish and add a smoky flavor.
  • When cooking the meat,  simmer until the sauce is absorbed and the mixture is mostly dry as the excess moisture will keep the meatloaf from setting well.
  • Cool the cooked pork mixture completely before adding the beaten eggs lest they cook in the residual heat.

  • To easily release the steamed loaves, line the llaneras with banana leaves and brush with butter.
  • Pack the pork mixture well in the molds to help set and hold together.
  • While everlasting is traditionally steamed in tin molds, you can also use any heat-proof ramekins or casserole dish.

This pork loaf is usually served for fiestas and holidays, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it for everyday family dinners, too.  Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also freezer-friendly.

Prepare a batch or two and transfer into airtight containers or wrap tightly with foil and place in resealable bags. Freeze for up to 2 months. When ready to serve, thaw in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy cold or steam for a few minutes until internal temperature reads 165 F.

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